3004097Aliens Rescue #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Brian Wood

Art by Kieron McKeown

Inks by JL Straw

Colors by Dan Jackson

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Rundown: Alec Brand survived his experience on an Alien infested planet thanks to the sacrifice of Amanda Ripley and Zulu Hendricks. When he recounts the events that led him to the colony ship in the first place, he decides to become a Colonial Marine to honor the women who saved his life.


After surviving the grueling training, Alec is given a new mission. One that will take him back to the nightmare he survived because of the promise of a possible rescue.

The Story: Tying the story back to the events of Aliens: Resistance is a great plot device. Woods does a good job of showcasing the character of Alec Brand and his issues with survivors guilt. The characters are all interesting and their interactions engage the audience. The issue is paced well, but it takes a long time to pick up and only really does so towards the end. Brand’s back story was interesting and I wish it were explored more in this issue. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the character and his past as the series progresses.

The Art: Kieron McKeown delivers some good looking art in this issue. The panels are composed well and it will be interesting to see how the art evolves when the characters make it to their destination.

Aliens Rescue #1




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  • Krisztián

    November 3, 2019 - 10:43 pm

    Man you must be joking… these new Alien comics starting to be very bad. Although the artwork is great, the storylines are extremely simple and childish, with no twist or suspense. Stories aren’t developing anywhere, they just repeat the same elements over and over. Any 18 yo art major could imagine a better story, idk why they force this series, while there’s a lot of work in the drawings. Last good alien series was Dead Orbit.

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