Alien #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Julius Ohta

Colors by Yen Nitro

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Freyja fights for the lone human survivor as the last member of her family betrays her.

After throwing the last surviving human child into the path of the rampaging alien queen, Freyja confronts Eli before using her remaining weapon to take on the queen to protect the child. After taking the queen down and with more aliens on the way, Freyja gives Eli a choice as the two fight to escape the are with the dropship on its way.

At the same time, the humans on board conspire to betray the synths as they land and are confronted with the results of their experiments in a violent clash that will allow the synths to escape while leaving behind a new breed of xenomorph that is much more dangerous.

The Story: Johnson brings this arc to an exciting and explosive conclusion filled with great characters, action and thrills. The final confrontation with the alien queen is great and I love the evolution of Freyja as a character as well as what could possibly come next for both the characters and the alien that was left behind.

The Art: Ohta crafts some beautifully detailed and visually thrilling art throughout the issue. The action was breathtaking and generated genuine thrills.

Alien #6



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