Alice Ever After #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Dan Panosian

Art by Giorgio Spalletta and Dan Panosian

Colors by Fabiana Mascolo

Letters by Jeff Eckleberry

The Rundown: Alice is caught with her hand in the cookie jar and a revelation will put her in more danger.

Alice and her new friend’s trip to the pharmacy will get the attention of the guards who will decide to punish them by giving them potentially dangerous overdoses. Alice wakes up back in Wonderland where her friend the Cheshire Cat challenges her on her beliefs and memories. At the same time, Mistress Hulda attempts to keep Alice alive in order to not lose her funding.

Alice discovers a dark secret from her childhood. A secret involving her father’s work and her recently deceased mother. With this secret revealed to her sister, Edith is more determined to rescue her sister from the asylum as Hulda overhears and decides on a dangerous next step in Alice’s treatment.

The Story: Panosian crafts an intriguing and tension filled story in this issue. There are some brilliant layers to the story that keep me engaged with every harrowing moment. The revelation from Alice is suitably creepy and makes many of her behaviors make sense in the context of the story. I like how the plot keeps her in impending peril at every turn with no one to trust in the real world as well as how those fears drive her experiences in Wonderland.

The Art: Spalletta and Panosian deliver beautiful art in the issue. The wonderful contrast in styles perfectly complement each other and the characters.

Alice Ever After #3



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