Adventureman #2

Image Comics

Written by Matt Fraction

Art by Terry Dodson

Inks by Rachel Dodson

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The mysterious book left at Claire’s shop will lead her to an adventure filled with dangers she never imagined.


The mysterious book left at Claire’s shop seems to be an Adventureman story neither she nor her son has read before. After taking her son to school and discovering an address in the city where the book seems to be leading her, Claire goes to see her sister and has a surprising encounter that sends her looking for the address.

When she arrives and discovers a beautiful skyscraper that apparently only she can see, she will have to use the clues from the book in order to get inside. Once inside, she will have to outwit the buildings security if she has any chance of finding out why she was drawn to the building in the first place.

The Story: Fun and full of adventure, Matt Fraction creates a fantasy world that you want to explore as a reader. Claire and her family are interesting and her relationship to her son is entertaining. The plot is engaging and draws in the reader with the promise of adventure and great characters that you want to learn more about. This issue was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing Claire use her wits to make it past the threats against and more importantly what she discovered before she came home.

The Art: Terry Dodson’s art is sublime. From start to finish you become immersed in the world being created visually and every character is fantastic to look at.

Adventureman #2




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