Adventureman #1

Image Comics

Written by Matt Fraction

Art by Terry Dodson

Inks by Rachel Dodson

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Adventureman and his band of heroes take on the villainous Baron Bizarre to save the world.


When the city is attacked, Adventureman and his trusted team are called in to take on the forces of Baron Bizarre. As the battle rages throughout the city, a devastating weapon is unleashed that will change everything for the merry band.

In the present, Claire reads the final story of Adventureman to her son before having dinner with her family and going back to her life at her Rare Book Store. When a mysterious woman delivers an Adventureman story she’s never seen before, bizarre events begin to happen that will prove that truth is stranger than fiction.

The Story: Matt Fraction plunges the reader into a world of magic, mysticism, science and adventure in this first issue. Taking cues from classic pulp novels, Fraction adds some interesting and engaging modern twists to the story that grab the reader and takes them on a trip into a new and interesting world. There are some great layers to this story and a mystery that grabbed my attention with characters I wanted to learn more about. I was intrigued by this first issue and am interested in seeing where this adventure goes next.

The Art: Terry Dodson delivers some truly breathtaking visuals in this issue. The characters look amazing and the action is fantastic. There is a fluidity to the art and even the quieter moments in the story have an energy and movement to them that catches the eye. A stunning first issue.


Adventureman #1




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