The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues like a juggernaut across the entertainment industry and with the upcoming acquisition of Fox, Marvel will gain access to properties they haven’t been able to develop until now.

Now a powerful Hollywood director wants to take on one of the newly acquired properties.


According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, director Adam McKay (Vice, Anchorman) wants to direct a movie based on the Silver Surfer. During an episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, McKay stated; “Silver Surfer is the one I want to do, man. I would do anything to do Silver Surfer because, visually, you could do what the Wachowskis did with Speed Racer with the Silver Surfer,” McKay said.


McKay isn’t a complete stranger to the MCU. After Edgar Wright left directing duties for the first Ant-Man movie, McKay took over writing duties of the film with actor Paul Rudd, but passed on director because of his friendship with Wright.

What do you think of McKay directing a Silver Surfer movie? Let me know in the comments below.

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