Acton Comics #1067

DC Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by Eddy Barrows

Inks by Danny Miki

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Superman finds himself fighting for the fate of the planet against alien invaders.

Clark, Lois and Jimmy are on assignment in Metropolis to conduct a human interest story that will have some unexpected twists when Lois decides to take over the interview. At the same time, a beam comes down from the sky and alien invaders attack the civilians in the area leading to Superman to jump in to protect everyone.

As he showcases his power to the aliens, he is confronted by two who tell him of a dangerous contest that he is chosen to be a part of for the sake of the world. A contest that will have the Man of Steel squaring off against a dangerous alien champion in the skies above the city.

The Story: Simone crafts a fun and thrilling story from the early days of the character and both the tone and plot take me back to some of the best times for the character himself. There is a fun, light energy to the story before it kicks into gear with tension and thrills. I really enjoyed the historical setting of this story as well and how it incorporates the world of the character and his complex relationships with the supporting cast within it while also teasing more of those relationships to come. I look forward to seeing where this story goes after this action packed and thrilling first issue.

The Art: Barrows delivers some beautifully detailed and stunning art throughout the issue. I love the visual style of the story as well as how great characters and action look.

Acton Comics #1067



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