Action Comics #1030

DC Comics

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Daniel Sampere

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: The key to unlocking the secrets of Warworld might lie with Superman and the Man of Steel has a secret he needs to protect.

In the tradition of Warworld, a new Mongul sits on the throne after killing his father. With his subjects pledging loyalty to him, a mysterious figure emerges with a rare gift and a proposal to unlock the secrets of Warworld, but Mongul will need Superman to do so. At the same time Clark is being put through his paces by Bruce and Atom in order to determine what is affecting him physically. Batman’s analysis is not promising and he makes a proposal that will send Clark looking for his son.

Jon has his own concerns and decides to confide them in the only person he feels he can, Damian. With all the conflicting stories about his dad’s fate hitting him, he is worried that the death of Superman is coming and that he is not up to taking on the mantle. All of their concerns will fall to the side when an armada of Warworld ships invade and Clark discovers fleeing refugees that have a connection to Krypton.

The Story: Johnson seems to be setting up Jon to take over the mantle of Superman and this story is another step in that direction. While that storyline has yet to engage me, this issue offers an entertaining story filled with mystery and intrigue and that caught my attention. I enjoyed the call backs to the Super Sons series with both fathers and sons discussing what’s happening to them and the Warworld angle intrigues me from a story perspective.

The Art: Daniel Sampere delivers some beautiful art throughout this issue. The action is beautifully done and even the quiet moments are filled with emotion and gorgeous details.

Action Comics #1030



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