A Man Among Ye #4

Image Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Craig Cermak

Colors by John Kalisz

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Anne Bonny takes a desperate chance to rescue the man she loves.

Jane Castor has traveled to Fort Nassau with a dangerous pirate to turn over to Governor Rogers, Anne Bonny. After dealing with the soldiers at the dock, Rogers invites the woman to dinner after throwing Anne in a cell. As Anne sits in her cell, Jane enjoys a lavish dinner with the Governor and his guests, but Anne begins her plan to escape and find Rackham.

Suspicious of his good fortune in securing Anne, Rogers sends notice to Castor’s father and discovers that the young woman is not there for the purposes she claims. Things get worse for Rogers when his fleet suddenly begins to explode, giving Anne the signal she needs to escape and find Jack. Unfortunately, their reunion will lead to betrayal.

The Story: There are some good elements to the story regarding the characters and their interactions, but the plot was too predictable. It started with promise, but became inundated with clichés from then on. The drama was fine, but there was a lack of tension in the story that would have been helpful. The story continues to be enjoyable, but this issue fell into too many story moments that have been done before.

The Art: Craig Cermak delivers some great art. The story is very character focused so the art matches that with detailed characters and expressions.

A Man Among Ye #4



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