Storm #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Ann Nocenti

Art by Sid Kotian

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Storm’s mission as team leader includes a growing conspiracy and some conflict within the team.

Storm and the X-Men take on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Ororo employs some new tactics to give her team the advantage. After taking down Mystique and her crew, Storm and Xavier worry that a bigger plan is at hand.

In the aftermath of the battle, Storm confronts some members of the team and gets some serious backlash from a couple before the mutants take some time off. Time off that will uncover something strange going on with Storm’s powers and a new threat targeting her.

The Story: As a lifelong comic reader, I appreciate the old school narrative style of this issue. There is a great classic vibe to the story and the characters and the conflict are interesting to fans of the X-Men. I’m intrigued by Storm’s conflict within the story and her interpersonal issues with the rest of the team.

The Art: Kotian definitely captures the classic visual style of the early X-Men comics with the art in this issue. From the action to the character moments, I love the style of this series so far.

Storm #1



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