Disney is continuing it’s string of live action adaptations of its animated works with a new live action film based on the 2002 animated comedy Lilo & Stitch and it looks like they found their first star.

According to an exclusive in The Hollywood Reporter, actor and comedian Zach Galifianakis has been tapped to star in the film directed by Dean Fleischer Camp who wowed audiences with the Oscar nominated Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.

Lilo & Stitch tells the story of a young Hawaiian girl who befriends a genetically modified alien on the run from intergalactic authorities who learns about friendship and family while being pursued by his creator and an Alien Earth expert.

There’s currently no word on what character Galifianakis will be playing in the film, but our money is on one of the two comedic alien hunters either Stitch’s creator Jumba (voiced by the late David Ogden Stiers in the original) or his hapless Earth “expert” partner Pleakley (voiced by comedian Kevin McDonald).

Casting is still ongoing for who will play Lilo and her older sister Nani while Stitch will be a CGI creation. Personally, I want to know who will be cast as former government agent turned social worker Cobra Bubbles and why it can’t just be Ving Rhames who voiced the role in the original.

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