Season 1 Episode 2

The Old Way

Back in 1581, Yasuke and Natsumaru have become trusted warriors serving Nobunaga. In the present day, the mercenaries catch up to Yasuke and attack.

Yasuke has managed to pull himself out of the jaws of certain death and his experience forces him to relive his past and training with Nobunaga. At the same time, a new threat emerges in the form of a priest with a deadly secret. His introduction is proportionately menacing.

When Yasuke and Saki wake up, the young girl goes looking for her mother, but she is still missing. As the two share a meal, Yasuke’s mind drifts back to his past in service to Nobunaga. After being talked downed by his trainer, Yasuke and the others are sent to get the surrender of a rival clan. When they refuse because of Yasuke’s presence, the samurai is forced to fight not only the general, but his troops as well alone. This is a great fight sequence that is both brutal and beautifully detailed.

Back in the present, the priest and his band of mercenaries are on Yasuke’s trail and the samurai has returned to the town where he is drowning his sorrows and memories in alcohol. Unfortunately, this gives the mercenaries the advantage they need. Another brilliantly done and beautifully detailed fight scene follows and the tension in the episode only grows when the priest gets involved.

There is a lot of great drama throughout the episode and the contrast between Yasuke’s past and how it informs his present is a well done theme throughout this episode. I am impressed with the direction this series is going in and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Yasuke S01XE02



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