X-Men Series on Fox Moves Further Ahead with Burn Notice Creator

This season we will be getting our first series set in the Fox X-Universe with FX‘s Legion. Right on its heels will be another X-Men related series which is closer to a series pickup order. While there is no title at the moment, we have been getting details from the writer of the pilot episode.


Marvel and Fox are reported to be very excited about the pilot script for an X-Men series by Matt Nix. Nix is the writer/creator of the popular USA Network series Burn Notice. He spoke to the Television Critics Associations’ winter press tour regarding another series that he is working on APB for Fox and gave some details about the X-Men project that he is currently working on.


The series will focus on two ordinary parents who discover that their children have mutant powers. In order to protect them from a government that is hostile to mutants, they go on the run. In order to survive, the family has to join up with an underground network of mutants. Currently, the series has no title, but is confirmed to be connected to the X-Men cinematic universe. Nix states that events from the movies will have happened in their world and might be referenced, but he doesn’t go into specifics about the specific timeline the series will fit into.

Additional details from Nix are that the show will be “heavily serialized” which means that the season will focus on one story with each episode related to the one before. This is a concept that has worked well with streaming series, but has mixed results on network. He also states that the series will feature new mutants as well as established characters. This doesn’t mean that Hugh Jackman might guest star as Wolverine, but you never know. This reveal is interesting in that Fox looks like it’s finally going to start utilizing some of the toys in the toy box that they haven’t used before.


Nix has stated that he’s an X-Men comics fan so he does want to pay some fan service to the people who have read or are currently reading the comics. What this means is anybody’s guess, but it is interesting. There is no official word yet on a filming date or airdate, but casting is reported to be underway. We will continue to follow this story and relay any news we find.

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