X-Men Red #8

Marvel Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Carmen Carnero

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Cory Petit

Unsatisfied with half measures, Cassandra Nova is going to put her full plan into effect forcing Forge to release millions of nanite Sentinels into the world to infect everyone they find.

When Trinary tells Jean what she’s found out about the Sentinites and they mission, Jean and the rest of the team have to find a way to stop them. It’s going to take a desperate plan that includes Jean, Gabby and Trinary connecting to each other and through Cerebro to try and find a way to stop them all remotely. Unfortunately, Jean using that much power in that focused a way leaves her open to an attack from Cassandra Nova herself.

Fortunately for Jean, she isn’t as helpless as Cassandra Nova thinks and while they battle it out in their minds, Jean’s loyal team puts a plan in motion to take down Nova’s base while she’s distracted. Anything else would spoil it, but it is so worth seeing both for the beauty of it and Nova’s reaction to it.

I love this issue. It manages to hit all the marks for story, commentary and action. It even adds enough humor to be interesting but not distracting. Taylor does a great job of making everyone on the team a necessary part of this mission and they all work together so well on the page. I really enjoy the direction this series is taking, especially with Nova as the main villain. Their clashes resonate on so many levels that the struggle never feels boring or cliché.

Carnero has some beautiful art in this issue. I love the way the panels are composed and how well the story flows with the art. The sequence with Storm was one of the best scenes I’ve seen in comics in the last few months. I love how both the art and the pace of the story worked hand in hand to deliver some surprising moments I didn’t imagine.

X-Men Red #8




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