X-Men_Red_Vol_1_4X-Men Red #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Muhmud Asrar

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Cory Petit

Jean and her team are heading back to their base in Wakanda when they are confronted by the former queen of the country and current X-Man teammate Storm. She attacks the group and Jean decides that making her believe that she succeeded in killing them is a better strategic move than trying to take her down. This gives Jean the opportunity to craft a measured response that gets her the info that she needs and helps stop Ororo before she hurts herself or anyone else. It also gives the reader a chance to see the toll that using his powers takes on Gentle.


Jean finds out that there is a new implant being used that turns anyone implanted into a Sentinel. They become immune to psychic manipulation and can detect mutants among them. It’s a really good plot device that adds a new level of tension and danger to the mutants. A danger that Jean is determined to end. I like the fact that Jean is taking to her role as a leader and being tough as well as aloof. She is making some good decisions in a conflict that she still doesn’t have all the answers to. It shows her growth as a character.

Jean and company decide that staying in Wakanda is too big a risk and they turn to another mutant to help them in this expanding conflict, Namor. The Sub-Mariner is hesitant to get involved, but they manage to bring him into the conflict in a way that makes sense to the narrative and I continue to enjoy the underground, hidden nature of Jean and her team. They all seem to have a reason to rally behind her banner and the plan that Cassandra Nova is putting in place looks perfect for this type of team to put to an end.

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