X-Force #8

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Bazaldua

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Domino continues to hunt her doppelganger and recruits an old friend to help her track down an even bigger threat.


The assassin with the extraordinary luck has one final, fatal run in with her benefactor when Domino finally gets the upper hand. After taking the body back to Krakoa, an examination determines how Neena’s powers were infused into the killer. After running into a distraught Colossus, she enlists him in a mission back to his home, Russia.

Tracking the men who took her to a moving lab on board a train, Peter and Domino make a dangerous discovery. One that will take all the luck and skill the two have to survive. At the same time, the organization in charge of the experiment experiences an unexpected power struggle from within.

The Story: Benjamin Percy offers a brilliant mix of action and thrills in a story that is also deeply personal for its characters. One of the best things about this issue is Percy allowing the characters to explore the darker psychological ramifications of what is happening to them and the moments between Colossus and Domino are fantastic in their tone. Those moments acknowledge their history while teasing a deeper connection. Even the introduction of a new shadowy protagonist is handled perfectly and gives the story a great ending.

The Art: Bazaldua delivers some beautiful visuals throughout this issue. The characters look amazing and the beautiful backgrounds make the panels come to life. The train sequence is fantastic from start to finish and infuses the story with an extra burst of energy towards the end.

X-Force #8




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