X-Force #24

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Martin Coccolo

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Beast continues to fight the infection within him and Mikhail uses his brother for the next part of his plan.

Mikhail is visiting with his pet Chronicler and decides to give the man a harsh lesson when he refuses to continue writing the story the way Mikhail wants it written. At the same time, Black Tom finds his way into Beast’s body to locate and remove the infection working to kill him. As Black Tom locates the infection, his attack will subsequently make things worse for Beast internally. Meanwhile, Chronicler continues to tell a story and this one is about Colossus. Unfortunately, the story will not have a happy ending for Piotr.

Beast and Black Tom are finally able to expel and destroy the infection inside him but it’s not completely gone. Beast takes some drastic steps to end the threat. In the aftermath of his act, Piotr returns home not knowing exactly what he’s done because he is being controlled by the story. A story that will have an unexpected new character introduced.

The Story: The X-Men universe has taken some pretty dramatic and dark turns during the Krakoa saga and I have been consistently surprised by the directions its going. This story has some interesting and entertaining plot points, but overall it felt confused. The tone was inconsistent as the Colossus storyline was dark and sad in conjunction with the Mikhail story. The Beast story changed the dynamic and not in a good way. It was plodding, overblown and did more to make me dislike the character.

The Art: Martin Coccolo delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. There are some great details throughout the panels and some great action.

X-Force #24



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