X-Force #10

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Joshua Cassara

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna


The Rundown: X-Force returns to a nation in the grip of a monstrous creature created by one of their own.


The team has returned to Terra Verde on a mission to stop the creeping destruction Beast’s act created on the island. Unfortunately, Wolverine, Domino and Kid Omega underestimated what they were dealing with both Logan and Kid are dragged off leaving Domino to find a way to rescue them.

When Jean discovers what Hank has done, she confronts him. The two friends have a deep discussion about what the role of X-Force is to Krakoa before Jean follows Black Tom to Terra Verde in an attempt to stop the infection and save the people.

The Story: There are some deep, philosophical issues being worked out by the characters in this issue and those moments are interesting to read. Percy is doing a great job of showing both the dark side of what the characters are doing as well as their moral quandaries about it. Other than the broader issues, the story was a little slow. The action never really got moving beyond a few panels of Domino and the tension dragged on longer than necessary. Black Tom felt wasted.

The Art: Joshua Cassara’s art is great especially in the interpersonal moments between the characters. The tone of the action never really gave him much to work with visually, but the art was great throughout.

X-Force #10




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