X-Factor #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Leah Williams

Art by David Baldeon

Colors by Israel Silva

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: A missing mutant will prompt the creation of a new team.



Northstar has a feeling that his twin sister is dead and goes to have her resurrected. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and he finds that out when told by Hope that they need proof Aurora is dead first. Northstar tries to retrace her movements to discover where she went and Polaris tells him he’s going to need help.

Polaris gathers a group of other mutants to investigate Aurora’s disappearance and they discover that what happened to her. An investigation that prompts the creation of a new team. One that will find they have their work cut out for them when reports of other missing mutants come in.

The Story: Leah Williams recruits an interesting and eclectic team for this new X-Factor and the team dynamic is effective. The dialogue is great and every character is used brilliantly. Williams plants the seeds for some great interpersonal drama as well. The characters work well together and there are moments throughout that I would like to see explored deeper especially Polaris’ connection to both Krakoa and her relationship with her father.

The Art: I continue to be a fan of David Baldeon’s style and this issue showcases it beautifully. The characters are expressive and detailed. The panels are beautiful to look at and the art itself is filled with a sense of energy and fun. A great looking first issue.

X-Factor #1




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