DCWWT_Cv2Wonder Twins #2

DC Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Stephen Byrne

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Wonder Twins are going to get their first assignment as superheroes.

Zan and Jayna are still dealing with being the new kids in school literally and figuratively on two fronts. Their school trip takes them to the worst run LexCorp prison they can find to see how the company utilizes prison labor.


There are no notable villains to be found and when one of them manages to escape, he goes to Lex for admission into the Legion of Doom. Unfortunately, when your name is the Scrambler and your uniform sports a fried egg in the center of it, you get busted down to the C team of villains.

When he finally meets his new teammates, he is less than impressed. Superman decides to have the Wonder Twins train with Beast Boy and their first assignment is to bring in recovering alcoholic vampire Drunkula. It’s a relatively simple task to take him down. Getting him into a cell proves to be more difficult when they leave him in the care of the same LexCorp prison and they decide to throw Drunkula into the drunk tank.

This is an incredibly funny issue. Mark Russell wrote and entertaining and funny premise in this issue and it was executed brilliantly. The absurdity of the situation and the characters involved is a welcome distraction from the bigger stories in the DC universe and I hope this book keeps this lighter tone. I laughed out loud at the unexpected ending.

Stephen Byrne’s art is the perfect accompaniment to the tone and style of this story. The art reflects the fun and whimsy of the premise perfectly.

Wonder Twins #2




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