Season 2 Episode 8


William is not doing well. After being shot multiple times, the game is starting to get real for him as he drags his body to the water, only to be found by a member of the Ghost Nation. After being taken to their camp, he is observed by a familiar face, Maeve’s daughter.

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Back at the control center, Maeve is brought in by Sizemore to be fixed and he tells them how special Maeve is, especially about how she can control other hosts. It’s a revelation that can either save her life or condemn her. Her daughter is confronted by the head of the Ghost Nation, who is trying to convince her that he won’t hurt her as well as gauge what she remembers. That’s when we are introduced to a new narrative involving this man and the woman he loves.


He begins to tell his story. One that brings him to the scene of Arnold’s death at the hands of Dolores, who lies on the ground beside him. He wanders inside and begins to see the puzzle given to Dolores and it changes him. It is compelling to hear the events from his point of view, especially considering he remembers everything that happened to him. It is both tragic and exciting to experience. In the midst of his story, we get the return of Logan Delos.


After the encounter, he starts to see things differently and he stumbles upon one of the biggest mysteries of the series. This is one of the most compelling episodes of the series so far. It is so beautifully tragic that I was engrossed from start to finish. We even get to see how Maeve’s daughter fits into this story as more of them discover something is wrong. As stunning as this episode is, there is the matter of Ake being able to roam free after hours which is a little unbelievable. Other than that, there is so much of this episode that is well done that you’re able to dismiss that aspect for just pure storytelling.

There is so much praise I want to heap on this episode because of how emotionally beautiful it is. It looks amazing and plays pitch perfect. Even the ending is executed well.



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