Another IP from our childhood is returning with the news that WarnerMedia has ordered an animated TV adaptation of the classic Joe Dante film Gremlins.

According to Dateline, the 10 episode animated prequel series is called Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai and is a joint project between WarnerMedia and Amblin Entertainment.

The series will be written by Tze Chun (Cold Comes the Night) and will feature the adventures of Mr. Wing, the shop owner from the original film played by Keye Luke. Set in the 1920’s, A ten year old Wing will meet the Mogwai Gizmo and, along with a street thief named Elle, he will travel the Chinese countryside encountering creatures from folklore as they are pursued by a power hungry industrialist and his army of evil Gremlins.

This will be the second Amblin TV animated series in development along with the return of Animaniacs coming to Hulu.

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