Warner Brothers has taken a huge step forward in its quest to bring the classic animated series Thundercats to the big screen.

According to an exclusive in Deadline, Warner Brothers has enlisted a director for the big screen adaptation. Director Adam Wingard has been tapped to bring the heroes to life. Wingard is the director of films like V/H/S, Death Note and You’re Next. His current feature film is Godzilla vs Kong which debuts on HBO Max tomorrow.

The Thundercats tells the story of a group of humanoid cats who escape their dying homeworld of Thundera to find refuge on the unknown planet of Third Earth. There they battle the evil mutants who tracked them across space as well as the ruler of Third Earth, Mumm-Ra the Ever Living. The series ran from 1985-1989 and has been revived twice on Cartoon Network.

According to the Deadline story, Wingard will team with Simon Barrett to rewrite the original script for the film which will be a hybrid of CGI and animation. Wingard will use the original series as a jumping off point before taking the story and its characters in a new direction.

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