EOLIA, the VR fantasy-adventure follow-up in the award-winning Rhythm of the Universe series, finds the rhythm of change on Meta Quest 2 Thursday, June 9, 2022. Developer ROTU Entertainment, an award-winning collective of artists, musicians, and thought leaders whose games and productions have fostered international unityfought Amazonian deforestation, and more, will donate a portion of EOLIA’s proceeds to a climate-conscious non-profit selected by the ROTU social media community.

Explore the desert lands of Eolia as Conga Dholak, an adventurer determined to save the land from devastating climate change. Droughts and extreme weather patterns ravage these once-flourishing wilds, threatening to irreversibly alter the landscape. Climb through ruins of antiquity, ride through the remnants of a humming civilization, and solve puzzles grounded in musical theory to bring an ecosystem back from the brink of ruin.

Meta Quest 2’s captivating Hand Tracking technology unlocks an immersive experience unlike any other. Grip the saddle of a Lhargo with intuitive controls designed for Hands First VR and bound across sun-swept sands. Pluck the strings of magical instruments and perform deciphered flute melodies to open new pathways. Pick up items, store them in a satchel, and view them in intimate detail, all with simple, intuitive hand motions. Restore the rhythm of the universe by reaching out to touch the very world itself.

With more involved mechanics and highly detailed environments, EOLIA expands upon its predecessor, IONIA, without losing its accessible heart. ROTU Entertainment invites dedicated gamers, VR newcomers, children, families, students, and educators alike to discover the importance of conservation through the beauty of Eolia’s world—a once-bountiful, vibrant home that, like our own, is worth saving.
“In order for players to feel inspired to reflect on real-world issues, we needed to make sure EOLIA was accessible and evocative,” said Jason Parks, ROTU CEO. “Like our fragile real world, this fantastical one responds and reacts to every choice. And thanks to Meta Quest 2’s best-in-class immersion and ease of use, people of all ages and experience levels can play with this idea and join us on the journey to do right by our planet.”

EOLIA debuts for Meta Quest 2 on June 9 with support for English voice and text, with text localization for additional languages coming post-launch. 

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