Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star, a visual novel from publisher Santa Ragione and creator Lorenzo Redaelli about intimacy, idealization, and abusive relationships, will make a pass at Steam and the Epic Games Store in Q3 2020. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One releases will swipe right soon after.

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Milky Way Prince follows a budding, dysfunctional relationship between two young men. Following a chance encounter, the starry-eyed Nuki falls head over heels for Sune, a brooding and mysterious character seemingly ripped from the pages of Nuki’s favorite childhood story. The ensuing dalliance isn’t without its problems, though, as it spawns an emotional whirlwind fueled by the couple’s intense psychological demons and complicated histories.
During the star-crossed lovers’ intimate encounters, Nuki can focus on his senses to guide the experience and learn more about his troubled boyfriend. Contend with discoveries about the fabled man of Nuki’s dreams while grappling with issues including idealization, submission, boundaries, and self-worth. Every decision has consequences and will coalesce to reveal hidden truths and diverge the story down branching paths leading to multiple endings.
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“Santa Ragione always seeks to create games that both challenge and enlighten players and Milky Way Prince felt like a perfect fit for us to expand upon our mission as a studio,” said Pietro Righi Riva, co-founder and studio director, Santa Ragione. “We hope Milky Way Prince leaves everyone as captivated by Lorenzo’s touching story as when it first caught our eyes.”
 This story of troubled romance will have a first date in the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, showcasing its opening chapters with a PC demo debuting Tuesday, June 9.


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