Vin Diesel has been a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the voice of Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy films for years now and it looks like the action star is looking to headline a new comic book adaptation for Sony.

According to a report from The Wrap, Diesel has been in talks with Sony to headline their live action adaptation of the Valiant Comic Book series Bloodshot. Sony acquired the Valiant line recently and is looking to create an extended universe based on the characters with a goal of releasing five films with Diesel playing the role of Bloodshot throughout.


The Bloodshot movie is currently in development with Fast & Furious producer Neal Moritz on board along with Dave Wilson from a script by Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer. According to the same report, the film will be tonally similar to R-Rated 80’s action offerings like Robocop and The Terminator.


Bloodshot, created by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet, is a former soldier whose memory has been wiped clean. He was experimented on and his body injected with nanocomputers that enhances his strength and stamina as well as granting him other powers like fast healing, shapeshifting and the ability to interface and control technology. Bloodshot is on a mission of vengeance to discover who and he and who did this to him.

Sony is looking to release the film in 2019.

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