VampiV5201901041DMarchVampirella Vol 5 #1

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Christopher Priest

Art by Ergun Gunduz

Letters by Willie Schubert

The Rundown: A plane crash outside Los Angeles will begin a new journey for the alien vampire.

A passenger jet has gone down outside Los Angeles and the only two survivors are a rotting corpse fumbling for his head and Vampirella who has to explain what happened to an extremely skeptical NTSB psychiatrist.


She tries to explain as best she can what happened with the animated century old corpse and the circumstances that brought the plane down and killed everyone aboard, but the story is too fantastic to be believed and the amount of strange and unusual occurrences only grows as Vampirella finds her therapy session interrupted by someone from her past.

The Story: Christopher Priest jumps right into this new story in a clever way that introduces the character to new readers as well as pay service to longtime fans of Vampirella and her world. The dialogue is clever and the pace of the story is well done. The story grabbed my attention from the first pages and held my interest to the point of wanting to know more including what comes next.

The Art: Ergun Gunduz delivers some impressive and beautiful art in this issue. Everything is filled with gorgeous details and the character designs are fantastic.

Vampirella Vol 5 #1




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