Uncanny Valley #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by Tony Fleecs

Art by David Wachter

Colors by David Wachter

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Oliver discovers his world has completely changed when something comes for him and his mother.

Oliver is the new kid in school and things are already difficult for him. After participating in a dare with some kids at school, he finds himself the only one not injured and in the principal’s office with his mother. After being suspended, he explains what happens and his mother is oddly silent.

After returning home, he and his mother are attacked by a murder of crows that talk. Crows that are targeting the both of them before a cartoon cowboy enters the house revealing a secret to Oliver. A secret that will cause the pair to go on the run from something hunting the special young man.

The Story: Fleecs delivers an interesting and unique concept in this first issue. The story has some wonderful teases throughout of what you can expect from the characters and they are executed perfectly to build on each other until coming together to a great reveal and an even more intriguing mystery.

The Art: Wachter delivers great art in the first issue. The visual contrast between the world of the comic and the animated invaders is fantastic.

Uncanny Valley #1



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