Two Graves #2

Image Comics

Written by Genevieve Valentine

Art by Annie Wu

Colors by Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: Emilia’s adventure has gotten the attention of some dangerous pursuers.

Emilia is having a hard time sleeping as her companion drives her to a ghost town in the middle of Nevada. As the pair stop for a meal and then find a hotel, Emilia thinks back to an incident in Vegas where she finally saw what her new friend can do as she discovers something about herself as well. At the same time, the pair know they are being followed.

After checking into the hotel, Emilia is told to get some rest as her friend watches the road. After a harrowing dream filled with visions, Emilia wakes up and realizes that they are not alone. Three women confront the pair. A confrontation that will have a deadly and dangerous conclusion.

The Story: An engaging and unique story with an even more unique pair of characters. I love the unexpected nature of their dynamic as well as the secrets being kept in the story. I enjoyed the tension in the issue as well as the reveal towards the end which ramps up that tension even more.

The Art: I love the visual style of this issue and series. There is a great visual sense of movement, action and environment throughout and I enjoy the look of the issue a lot.

Two Graves #2



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