TF2019_05_cvrATransformers #5

IDW Publishing

Written by Brian Ruckley

Art by Anna Malkova, Angel Hernandez and Sara Pitre-Durocher

Colors by Joana Lafuente

Letters by Tom D Long

The investigation into the death of Brainstorm continues and the social unrest continues to grow on Cybertron as Megatron has a new message for the people and Chromia discovers that more citizens are going off the grid in possible reaction to Megatron’s movement. Prowl’s investigation into the death seems to be hitting a series of dead ends and he decides that he needs to change his tactics if he is going to get answers.


Rubble finishes working with Wheeljack and proceeds to get lost in what looks like a bad part of town. When he emerges, he witnesses something he shouldn’t have and becomes a target. At the same time, Bumblebee is on his way to a secret meeting with Soundwave where he reveals his loyalty to the Autobots might not be as deep as people think.

There is a lot of interesting build up in this issue and Brian Ruckley does a good job of moving the story along. Unfortunately, I was looking for more progression in both the mystery and the political unrest affecting Cybertron. There was more build up than pay off and a lot of the plot points seemed unfocused. The Bumblebee and Rubble storylines deserved more development.

The art was great throughout the issue, but the only real action came towards the end. There were too many pages of characters just standing or walking to showcase the character designs and not enough action or movement to be visually interesting.

Transformers #5




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