DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 12

Faux Hawk

The truth of Jericho is revealed and it will add a new wrinkle to the fight to stop Deathstroke.


Having Jericho stuck inside Slade’s body and sharing his mind is the best part of this episode. The conflict between the two of them and the lengths Jericho will go to try to get his father to kill himself are worthy of their own episode because of the brilliant performances from Esai Morales and Chella Man.

The Beast Boy/Cadmus storyline is interesting as well, but feels rushed in relation to how much of the season meandered on Dick’s issues and his time in prison. It’s a story that could have benefited from more episodes to show the effects on Garfield to ramp up the potential threat he becomes to the team.


The entire Hawk storyline was a useless, unnecessary slog that did nothing to either elevate the overall story or make me care about what was happening to him. It was uninteresting and suffered under the weight of its self-pitying crap. It’s indicative of the turn this season has taken. It takes time away from other stories that were more interesting including the revelations about Rose and her confrontation with Jason.


There are some interesting plot elements in this episode that suffer from the weaker aspects of the story. Storylines that should have played out throughout the season are truncated to afterthoughts and none of them hold the emotional weight necessary to make them relevant with the season finale being the next episode.


Titans S02XE12




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