DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 5


The new episode of Titans has us back in the present with the captured Jason Todd trying to find some way to escape from the clutches of Dr. Light. After getting the upper hand of the villain, Jason is almost free until he finds himself staring down the blade of Deathstroke himself.


Dick and the former Titans have gone back to the scene of Jason’s disappearance with the help of Gar, but they find nothing and head back to the Tower.

It’s time for some more brutal truths as everyone confronts each other about their current and previous secrets. Rachel still can’t seem to control the power growing inside her and even the presence of Kory doesn’t bring her the peace she was after. When Light confronts Slade about their plan, the villain finds himself the unwitting next part of it when the Titans arrive.


Giving Dick the option of trading his daughter for Robin, Deathstroke lays out the terms for their next encounter. Unfortunately, Dick decides to go it alone as Rose’s confrontation with Rachel reveals that the young woman is hiding more than just her lineage.


There is so much to enjoy about this episode. The immediacy of the plot and how it unfolds are just two of the things that make it worth watching. The action is fantastic and Esai Morales continues to be menacing and tragic as Deathstroke. All of the acting is amazing and the reveals are intense. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Titans S02XE05




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