Thor #21

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Nic Klein

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Thor faces off against a deadly enemy and discovers its connection to something even darker from his past.

As a dark presence begins to emerge from the sun, Thor finds himself facing the physical personification of his hammer Mjolnir who is intent on killing the god of thunder. After tossing him through a scene of destruction and ruin, Thor decides to call on a weapon of his own to stop Mjolnir before it can destroy him. As he fights for his life, Thor learns quickly just how powerful the might of his hammer can be in the wrong hands.

Thor receives a last minute assist in the fight, but it might not be enough. Sif gives Thor a momentary reprieve from the battle in order to give him time to heal, but it will take more than banishment to stop Mjolnir and its wrath. At the same time, Thor learns more about how Mjolnir was made and when the hammer returns, Thor learns that the act of sacrificing the hammer gave way for a familiar foe to become a part of it.

The Story: Cates crafts an entertaining story with a great dark tone that connects with the reader. There is a great sense of suspense throughout the story as you follow along with Thor as he puts the pieces together and I liked how the other characters supported the story. I liked the mystery at the heart of this issue and not only what was revealed, but what was teased in the beginning of the issue.

The Art: Klein delivers some amazing art in this issue. There are some visually epic moments throughout and the art brilliantly captures the tension of the story.

Thor #21



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