Thor #18

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Pasqual Ferry and Bob Quinn

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Thor looks for help in finding the missing Mjolnir and assembles an unlikely team to retrieve it.

In the wake of Mjolnir’s theft and his spreading reputation among the realms, Thor has decided to reach out for help from an unlikely source. With everything at stake, there is only one person Thor can think of to locate Mjolnir without alerting anyone that it is missing, Loki. As is his nature, Loki is not going to make things easy for Thor and tasks him with admitting why he really needs Loki’s help and what exactly he wants from his brother.

After the brothers plot, Thor heads to Midgard to recruit someone to begin the mission, Throg. After accepting, Throg begins to gather his teams to go on the hunt for the missing hammer. An eclectic team that will include Lockjaw, Lockheed and a trip to the Sanctum Sanctorum to retrieve an untested member. A team that Throg will reveal knows more about their mission than Thor imagined.

The Story: Cates crafts a fun and interesting story in this issue. The intrigue elements work really well and the dialogue is fantastic. The moments between Thor and Loki are awesome examples of verbal sparring. Throg’s plot is also amazing in its intricacy and fun. I cannot wait to see where this team goes and what happens next.

The Art: Ferry and Quinn deliver some impressive and fun visuals throughout the issue. There are great hero shots as well as awesome details throughout every panel.

Thor #18



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