Thor #17

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Michele Bandini

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Thor and Odin confront some hard truths with Freyja and Angela.

Both Odin and Thor are shocked to find themselves summoned to Vanaheim and staring into the face of Freyja. Unfortunately, the family reunion will have to wait as an army of creatures descend on the scene and are out for blood. Thor springs into action to fight alongside his sister and father as more creatures come. Angela informs them that they are only buying time until the god of the hunt arrives. When that god is revealed, it leaves them all stunned.

In the aftermath, the family sits down to dinner and their parents immediately begin bickering about the state of their marriage. The fight quickly escalates when it is revealed who really summoned them and for what purpose. After separating the warring parties, Thor has a heart to heart with his mother that reveals a dark truth he hasn’t revealed to anyone. One that will see him as the final king of Asgard. In the midst of his conversation, a call from an old friend reveals something unexpected.

The Story: It’s both nice and interesting to see Cates take a break from the big story arcs and give Thor a moment to deal with his new circumstances with someone he loves and respects. Putting him with Freyja and having her deal with the revelations about his birth and who she is to him is great and gives the character a chance to evolve. The dialogue is fantastic and the story itself is personal as well as revelatory. I enjoyed it progression and am interested in where it goes next.

The Art: Bandini does am amazing job with the art in this issue. Freyja and Angela look amazing and the action is both fun and visually thrilling.

Thor #17



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