The Witcher: Fading Memories #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Bartosz Sztybor

Art by Amad Mir

Colors by Hamidreza Sheykh

Letters by Steve Dutro

The Rundown: Geralt learns more about the attacks on the children of the town and the tortured soul causing them.

Geralt is imprisoned by the Mayor’s guards for daring to go see the Mage. After discovering what could be the source of the monsters killing the town’s children, Geralt wants answers, but is instead turned away from the town and driven out. After returning in the dead of night, he gets the information he needs to seek out the doctor who treated the Mage.

After learning more about the Mage and his unique condition, Geralt returns to the town and forces the mayor to take him back to the Mage’s keep. When she tries to contact him, Geralt is attacked and the mystery of the Mage continues to unfold.

The Story: Sztybor does an excellent job of moving this story forward in interesting ways. The plot continues to be compelling and the reveals are well crafted and engaging. The story has a great pace and the way it unfolds makes me more interested in the characters and their journeys. I love the way the narration is weaved into the story and how it connects to the bigger mystery.

The Art: Amad Mir does some great work with the art. The story is character focused and the art does an excellent job of emphasizing the characters and their emotions.

The Witcher: Fading Memories #3



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