The Weatherman #2

Image Comics

Written by Jody Leheup

Art by Nathan Fox

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Steve Wands

If the first issue had an intense ending, this new issue ramps that intensity up to 11. At the memorial to Earth, the president is dealing with the anger of the crowd. This issue gives the reader a lesson in the history of the conflict that led to the deaths of eighteen billion people. The understandable anger and frustration in the survivors spills over into more tragedy.


In the skies above Mars, Nathan is being brutally tortured by the woman he was just on a date with the night before and she is using some pretty brutal means to try to get information from the Weatherman and in the midst of the physical and psychological torture he endures, we find out why they want Nathan so badly and also why Cross is so intent on inflicting pain on the man. It’s an interesting aspect of the story when the truth actually comes out and the reader both sympathizes with Nathan, but is also suspicious.

Leheup is crafting an incredible story with this series and all of the characters are compelling to read. Nathan is a lot more complex than the happy-go-lucky weatherman persona he puts on and it’s going to be intriguing to see how he incorporates the new information he discovers about himself. Cross is a deeply complex character and her character arc is going to be interesting as well. Especially in how she interacts with Nathan.

Nathan Fox’s art is amazing. I love the details and shading in both the close-ups as well as the exterior panels. I love the look of this book and the emotions that Fox is able to elicit in the faces of the characters. This book continues to impress me and the story is getting more intense and interesting with each page. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Weatherman #2




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