The Umbrella Academy


Season 1 Episode 4

“Man on the Moon”

Luther’s transformation is revealed in the beginning of this episode. It’s a sad opening that showcases Luther’s loneliness as the only sibling still living in the house and even being the only one left doesn’t seem to affect his father. After being sent on a dangerous mission alone, Luther returns to the Academy mortally wounded. Hargreeves makes a fateful decision that will save his son’s life, but will alter him forever.


Vanya and Leonard get closer as he tells her that she doesn’t have to apologize for who she is around him and he likes her for who she is. He continues to be a charming and understanding listener and when Allison goes to Vanya’s apartment and finds him there, she begins to get suspicious of him and his intentions towards Vanya.


Klaus has been kidnapped by Hazel and Cha-Cha. A decision they quickly regret when all of the methods they use to get information out of him seem to have the opposite effect. He makes their job hilariously difficult in some of the best scenes in the entire episode and series so far. We also get a better sense of Klaus’ powers as he uses them to distract the two assassins and buy him some time.


As Diego and Luther go on the hunt for 5, Detective Patch gets a lead that sends her into dangerous confrontation with Hazel. Klaus manages to escape and makes an interesting and surprising discovery along the way.


The story continues to move at an entertaining and exciting pace with great revelations with each character, but Robert Sheehan steals the show as Klaus with his performance. It is the most entertaining aspect of the episode and it concludes in hilarious fashion. The Vanya/Leonard relationship is another story that has some dark and interesting layers as well and Diego’s discovery at the end of the episode brings all the heightened action back down to Earth.

The Umbrella Academy S01XE04




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