The Umbrella Academy


Season 1 Episode 2

Run Boy Run

Number 5 is ready to push the limits of his power and pleads with his father to let him time travel. A prospect that begins a tragic chain of events for the young man.


Defying his father, Number 5 leaves the house and begins moving through time before finding himself at the apocalypse with no way of returning home. In the present, 5 uses a series of clues that he brings back from the future to try to determine what happened.

After an epic shootout at a local donut shop, 5 makes a trip to the lab that manufactures the prosthetic eye he finds in the ruins of the mansion. Unable to get the answers he needs, he comes back with Klaus to try a unique approach.


Back at the Academy, Allison is confronted by Pogo and he takes her down to the security room so she can look at old tapes of them as kids. When she finds one tape off by itself, she discovers something that will change everything they thought about the night their father died.

Focusing on Number 5, his mission and the circumstances of his return, this episode flows really well. All of the characters are given their moments with 5 trying to connect with Vanya as well as her meeting someone, Klaus dealing with his addiction, Diego and Luther dealing with each other and more.


There are some great moments that stand out with the introduction of Hazel and Cha Cha. Both characters convey a sense of world-weariness and detachment. It makes them both interesting and dangerous. Klaus and 5 in the prosthetic lab is one of the most hilarious and disturbing scenes I’ve witnessed in a long time and it works for both the plot and characters perfectly. Both actors play it perfectly with their timing and physicality.


If there’s a downside to the episode it’s that the conflict between the siblings can be tedious and unnecessary. A lot of the drama could be solved through a conversation, but that issue might be touched on as the series progresses.

The Umbrella Academy S01XE02




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