The Twilight Zone

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Season 2 Episode 5

Among the Untrodden

A new student transfers to an all girls school and discovers that one of her classmates is harboring a supernatural secret.


Irene is the newest student at Saint Mary’s Boarding School and her first day does not as planned when she runs afoul of the class Mean Girls led by Madison. With the science fair coming up, Irene tells the class that her project will focus on psychic abilities. Something that makes her even more unpopular. When she discovers that Madison might have latent abilities, she offers to help her learn how to use them.


During the course of their training, the two become close. Unfortunately, Madison is using her abilities to be even meaner to everyone around her. When Madison’ friends begin to hang out with Irene, Madison is jealous. To make matters worse, Madison discovers a secret about her powers and her new friend Irene.


This episode does a brilliant job of subversion with the plot of this episode. Normally, like in stories like Carrie, it would be the outcast with the powers and the Mean Girls being the target of her abilities. Having Madison as the powerful one changes the story into one of how power corrupts. The performances are great and there are some interesting twists in the story that add to the mystery.


When the truth is finally revealed, it is an unexpected and well executed surprise for the viewer. One that makes the circumstances of the episode more personal and interesting.

The Twilight Zone S02XE05




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