2CDDEEE2-8DD4-4465-84C1-518FFC1E6D29The Terrifics #3

DC Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Joe Bennett

Inks by Sandra Hope, Jaime Mendoza and Art Thibert

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

There is a new wrinkle in the lives of Mr. Terrific and his team from the Dark Multiverse. Upon returning to their world, they find that they are stuck together. Terrific, Plastic Man, Metamorpho and their new friend Phantom Girl are unable to be more than a mile apart from each other without all of them exploding into dark matter. It’s an interesting premise that has the potential to lead to some pretty intriguing storylines for these heroes.


The team interactions look like they are going to be the bulk of the drama in this book. The presence of Stagg and whatever he’s working on will also be an interesting road to explore. Someone with an obvious agenda being that close makes for some potentially great storytelling to come. As Miracle goes to research how to cure them, a new threat awakens in Michigan. One that has a familiar face. As the team deals with their personal and interpersonal issues, they have bigger fish to fry when a giant war wheel barrels down on the mansion, causing them to finally act as a team to bring it down.

Lemire has crafted an interesting story here with characters that are different in how they approach helping as well as an interesting hook to keep them together. Bennett’s are is really strong in this issue and everything looks amazing from the close-ups to the splash panels.

The biggest elephant in the room for this series and this issue particularly is that there are way too many Fantastic Four parallels to be made. The way the team is made up makes those parallels too clear to be ignored. If this series wants to avoid those parallels, it needs to transcend them and deliver a story that is compelling for everyone to read.


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