The Silver Coin #6

Image Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson and Chris Hampton

Art by Michael Walsh and Gavin Fullerton

Colors by Michael Walsh and Gavin Fullerton

Letters by Michael Walsh

The Rundown: Two new dark tales center on the mysterious silver coin and its dark effects.

High Score

A young kid loves to play his favorite brutal fighting game at the local arcade. Unfortunately, he constantly loses and without having any money, he is subjected to bullying from his peers as well as the mall security guard who doesn’t like his loitering. When the kid takes a mysterious coin from the bottom of a wishing well, not only can he not lose, but anyone who stands against him in the real or virtual world finds themselves a victim of his wrath.

Shiny Thing

A scout troop in the woods comes across a crow’s nest high in one of the trees. Their scoutmaster tells them about the array of objects that crows keep in their nests and two of them notice a shiny object within it. As they attempt to climb the tree and retrieve it, the crow attacks and the boys leave just before they see the strange objects arrayed throughout and learn their connections to the silver coin sitting among them.

The Story: Williamson crafts a palpable nightmare within the pages of the first story. There is so much being said and done within the action of the panels and the story culminates into a beautifully brutal conclusion that is both sad and scary.

Hampton delivers a great short story that brings together elements of all the other previous stories and gives an insight into the world of the silver coin.

The Art: Walsh delivers some beautifully brutal art throughout the story and the tension built up through the panels is brilliantly executed. Fullerton delivers some great art in the story with the use of atmosphere and environment to deliver tension.

The Silver Coin #6



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