The Red Mother #11

Boom! Studios

Written by Jeremy Haun

Art by Danny Luckert

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: The truth is revealed as Daisy takes a step towards her dark destiny.

Daisy is questioning the mounting coincidences in her life, especially why her boss flew her therapist to England for a visit. Things get even weirder when she shows up during an outing with Daisy and her co-workers. After talking a walk with her, Daisy reveals that she isn’t doing well at all but won’t get into specifics. When she returns to her apartment, she is overwhelmed by all the trauma she’s experienced and decides to take a nap.

On the night of the big event, Daisy joins the other people gathered to celebrate the triumph of the new exhibition. Unbeknownst to her, she is chosen to be the first to experience it. As she finds herself going deeper into the puzzle, she emerges into a waking nightmare. One that will not only reveal the truth about what’s been happening to her, but will also bring her face to face with the Red Mother.

The Story: Jeremy Haun pulls you in with this issue and doesn’t let go as the events happening to Daisy engage the reader. The plot and the rising action are brilliantly paced. The story draws you into Daisy’s plight and you find yourself both concerned for her but also wishing for her to go on. There are some jarring moments in the story that are interesting as well and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

The Art: Danny Luckert delivers some powerful imagery in this issue. There are so many great character moments throughout, but the final pages deliver some beautiful, dark and visceral images.

The Red Mother #11



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