The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #3

BOOM! Studios

Written by Ram V

Art by Filipe Andrade

Colors by Ines Amaro

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Laila Starr and Darius Shah cross paths at a party.

The history of a surprising narrator is recounted. Darius attends a party, and has a sad encounter with his girlfriend. Then, his recent backstory is revealed. Shortly thereafter, Darius meets Laila. The two share a cigarette and have a deep conversation. Later, a tragedy occurs, and Laila finds herself in an interesting predicament.

The Story: Ram V uses an imaginative approach to narration in this unconventional tale. I am wildly impressed by the author’s storytelling ability. This episode is both entertaining and introspective with a high level of symbolism. It is not lost on me that Death and the Creator of Immortality bond over a short lived object that brings both pleasure and pain. I am highly invested in these two opposing characters, and can’t wait to find out more about their journeys in life and death.

The Art: Minimalist drawings are highlighted by a color palate of pastels heavily featuring purples and blues. The combination creates a surreal, dizzying effect that matches the mood of the story. This issue is completely engaging and transportive.

The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #3



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