The Mandalorian

Disney Plus

Season 2 Episode 4

Chapter 12: The Siege

After the action and adventure of the previous episode, the writers and producers of the series know they need to make us wait and sweat a little before we get to the big reveal at the end of last week’s episode. Knowing that he and the Child are not going to make it to Corvus with the Razor Crest in its current condition, Mando decides to take the ship to Nevarro and look up some old friends.

One of those old friends, Cara Dune, is making a reputation for herself as the local marshal and showing how badass a fighter she is. Mando lands at the colony and sees that things are changing for the better with Greef Karga in charge and Cara Dune keeping the peace. But like everything in this universe, there is something dark lying beneath the surface.

Mando finds himself roped into another side quest as the Child has a run in with some locals on his first day of school. More familiar faces are revealed and the remnants of the Empire continue to be a presence in this second season. Mando and company find themselves infiltrating an imperial base and finding it not nearly as abandoned as they thought. What follows is more great action and another thrilling chase as Mando’s allies deal with the imperials while Mando has to deal with the fact that he’s been lax in his protection.

As awesome as the action and humor are in this episode, many of the plot points had me wondering why a certain character didn’t think of this sooner and what will that decision mean going forward. There are also some interesting mysteries being developed that could have connections to things in the larger universe or not. There is also a seen at the end that teases something very interesting Moff Gideon is working on that is worthy of developing.

Carl Weathers does a great job of directing an episode that establishes why the Mandalorian’s expanded cast is almost as interesting as the dynamic between Mando and the Child.

The Mandalorian S02XE04



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