The Mandalorian

Disney Plus

Season 2 Episode 3

Chapter 11: The Heiress

The best thing about serialized television is that you never really need to wonder what happened between episodes and the beginning of this one illustrates why that’s a good thing as we see the Razor Crest limping along at sub-light speed and then making a dramatic and not particularly graceful landing at its destination. I cannot emphasize how in awe I continue to be at the production value and special effects in this series and the first few minutes is money well spent.

Besides telling a really good story, the series does a great job of answering some lingering questions especially the ones about why the Mandalorian will not take off his helmet when other Mandalorians do. That question is answered when Katee Sackhoff’s Be Katan arrives when Mando gets into some trouble. It’s a great scene and an awesome bit of fan service to have the actress who voiced the animated version of Bo Katan play her in live action. We also get to see Sasha Banks suited up as a Mandalorian as well.

The story picks up quickly after that with Mando being enlisted to help Katan and the other intercept a shipment of Mandalorian weapons being smuggled by remnants of the Empire (the surprise appearance of Titus Welliver in this episode was a nice touch). What follows is some awesome action reminiscent of the Clone Wars as the Mandalorians take on Imperial Stromtroopers.

Anyone who watched the last season of the series knows what Bo Katan’s real mission is and it is paid off by a welcome, but not unexpected cameo. The story is well told and beautifully shot by Bryce Dallas Howard in the director’s chair again. The action is fantastic and there are thrills throughout. The expansion of the Mandalorian story and connecting the lead to the conflicting sides of the culture is a great move as well and allows for deeper stories to be told.

As much fan service as this episode delivered, it also queued up one of the biggest, most anticipated reveals of the season and I have to admit there was some squealing with delight when a certain name was mentioned. All in all, this episode of The Mandalorian pulled off a trifecta of entertaining, world expanding and fan service that makes me excited for what happens next.

The Mandalorian S02XE03



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