744356._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Minkyu Jung

Inks by Juan Vlasco

Colors by Ian Herring

Letters by Joe Caramagna

On a distant world in the future, a young child wants to hear a story before bed. Her father tells her the story of the Destined One. A Destined One that will be a hero for their people. A Destined One named Kamala Khan.


On Earth, Kamala is taking down a bad guy before taking time to meet with her friend and tell her about the events that gave her superpowers. Spending time talking about the past makes Kamala late for home and when she arrives, she discovers that her parents have been talking and their conversation includes Kamala’s extracurricular activities. Fearing for the safety of his child, her father forbids her to be a superhero.

Unfortunately, her friend Bruno calls her for help when two giant animal creatures attack the area. When she defeats them, they dissolve into puddles of goo. It’s the start of a mystery that will affect Ms. Marvel personally when the readings Bruno gets from the goo will lead Kamala back home to a shocking discovery.

Saladin Ahmed writes an engaging and interesting debut for this series. The story is fun and the contrast between the narrators interpretation and the truth about Kamala’s everyday life is both clever and fun in its execution. The mystery being crafted starts a little slowly, but it picks up at the cliffhanger and is effective in making me interested in finding out what happens next.

Minkyu Jung’s art is great. The style and details are perfect for both the genre and the relative age of the character. There is a youthful vibrancy to the art and it perfectly complements the tone and style of the story.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #1




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