The Invincible Iron Man #12

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Ig Guara

Colors by Bryan Valenza

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Tony Stark gets a visit from a friend as he moves closer to his plan to stop Orchis.

Jennifer Walters continues to do her best to defend Rhodey in court against murder charges, but every step forward includes two steps back. At the same time, Tony is working on his newest armor beneath the Hellfire Club with Fisk breathing down his neck.

When Tony receives a visitor in the form of Riri Williams, his failure to tell her the truth about his “marriage” will lead to a tense standoff with Emma Frost and the intervention of a Stark sentinel.

The Story: An intense and often humorous story from Duggan. The confrontation between Emma and Riri was fun and entertaining. The growing intensity of Tony’s relationship with Fisk is great to see as well and I look forward to seeing what happens with this storyline. The story continues to be compelling and I look forward to seeing what happens in the next issue.

The Art: Guara delivers some intense and powerful art that perfectly captures the intensity of the story and the confrontations between its characters.

The Invincible Iron Man #12



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