The Haunting of Hill House


Season 1 Episode 7


Hugh Crain and his need to fix things is the main focus of this episode that begins with the funeral for Nellie. In the aftermath of the events from the previous night, the Crain siblings are dealing with their personal demons and each other as Hugh talks to the vision of Olivia that he keeps with him.


In the past, Hugh and Mr. Dudley are dealing with the aftermath of the storm as Steve discovers some pretty extensive damage. Damage that leads them to the basement and an ominous discovery in the walls of the house. The episode shifts between time periods and moments within them as Hugh also finds himself dealing with the aftermath of the events that drove them from the house with both the police and attorneys. Hugh also gets the first indications that there is something seriously wrong with his wife in this episode.


Like the last episode, there isn’t that much in the way of the supernatural to be seen. Beyond the discovery in the wall, there is a revelation about the Dudley’s that explains why they stay on with the house itself. Hugh’s suspicions become real when he finally confronts Olivia about her recent behavior.


This episode seems to focus on the Crain’s as people and how they’re choices are affecting their personal lives as well as their relationships to each other. It’s a good episode that fills in a lot of the story holes from previous episodes, but I wanted to see more of the relationship between Olivia and Hugh as Hugh deals with the changes in his wife. The highlight of the episode is definitely when adult Hugh and Theo finally see the manifestation of Olivia in the funeral home.

The Haunting of Hill House S01XE07




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