The Mandalorian is back on Disney Plus and the mission to return the Child to its people has begun for the clan of two. The first episode takes us to some familiar territory as Mando and Child make their way to Tatooine in search of other Mandalorians.

After arriving on the desert planet, writer/director John Favreau proceeds to reward viewers with some great fan service and Easter eggs. Here are our favorite ones in this episode.

Warning: Massive Spoilers Ahead if you have not seen the first episode.


The astromech droid who can never seem to catch a break returns for another appearance in episode one as the Razor Crest touches down at the port of Peli Motto. The droid with the bad motivator is used to assist Peli and she uses it to show Mando where the mysterious Moss Pelgo is supposed to be.

While there are several astromechs and many of them look the same, it’s easy to tell that this is the droid Luke returned to the Jawas after its motivator went bad. When R5 returns, there is definite damage to the same area where the motivator blew before.

Anakin’s Podracer

One of the biggest reveals in this episode is the fact that Boba Fett’s Mandalorian armor is repurposed by the Marshall to help clean up the town. But that’s not the only thing that gets repurposed on Tatooine. With the planet covered in mostly desert and not much else, items that are usually found are reused and recycled. In this case, when Mando and Cobb Vanth are on their way to find the Krayt Dragon, Vanth is riding a speeder made from the parts of discarded pod racers. The engine of the one Vanth is using is one of the twin engines used by Anakin Skywalker during his racing days on the planet.

The design is identical, but the colors are different. This could be caused by anything from rust, to frequent repairs or normal wear and tear. What makes it unique is the cylindrical design that is not attributable to any other pod racer other than Anakin.

Krayt Dragon Pearl

This one touches on multiple stories within the Star Wars universe and across genres as well. The Krayt Dragon is the main antagonist in the episode and its presence is what brings the Tusken Raiders and the people of Moss Pelgo together to fight a common enemy. After battling and destroying the Krayt Dragon, the Tusken’s butcher the beast and find the elusive Krayt Dragon Pearl inside its remains.

The pearls are incredibly valuable and even though the skeleton of a Krayt Dragon was seen in Star Wars Episode IV, the dragon itself and the quest for its pearl was introduced in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Second Death Star Destruction

At the end of Return of the Jedi, the Rebellion triumphs over the Empire by destroying the second Death Star orbiting the forest moon of Endor. At the end of the special edition versions of the film, Star Wars creator George Lucas added new scenes showing different worlds celebrating the fall of the Empire including Mos Eisley.

The episode shows the aftermath of that moment from Mos Pelgo and how its residents relief was short lived when the Mining Collective moves in to enslave the citizens of the town.

Boba Fett

It’s been talked about. It’s been teased both outside and inside the episode. It finally happened. After the bounty hunter was swallowed by the sarlacc at the beginning of Return of the Jedi, fans of the character immediately began to speculate about Fett’s fate. No one could believe that the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy would meet such a pedestrian end.

Well it looks like they were right.

The first episopde of the second season waits until the final moments of the episode to make the big reveal, but the character’s fate was teased throughout the episode. When Cobb Vanth is rescued by the Jawas and discovers Fett’s battered armor on their ship, it is the first indication that the bounty hunter escaped the Sarlacc pit alive.

The next clue comes from the dialogue when Mando reveals that the only way a Krayt Dragon could live in an abandoned Sarlacc cave is if it ate the Sarlacc. If the Sarlacc that had Boba Fett was being killed by the Krayt Dragon, it would be the perfect opportunity for Boba Fett to escape the creature.

The final clue is the man himself, played by Temuera Morrison, making his appearance at the end of the episode after Mando retrieves his armor.

Did I miss any Easter Eggs from the first episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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